Building Department

Building Guidelines

Building Inspectors

Building Inspector: Gary Thompson
Plumbing Inspector: Gary Thompson
Electrical Inspector: Dick Konicek
Code Enforcement: Gary Thompson

Current Building Codes

2018 International Building Code
1999 National Electric Code
Illinois State Plumbing Code
Illinois Accessibility Code

Permit Fees:

Permit Fees:
Occupancy Inspection - $75.00
Patio or Deck - $133.00
Fence - $75.00
Roof - $77.00
Siding - $77.00
Shed - $67.00
Driveway - $150.00
Pool (Permanent) - $205.00
Pool (Temporary) - $90.00
Re-inspection Fee - $55.00
Basement Finishing/Alteration will be based on the plans submitted.
Permit fees for anything not listed above will be determined by the number of inspections required by the inspector based on the extent of the work to be performed. Any work to be performed on the grounds of your property will require a copy of your plat of survey.